Heating Service Reston VA

With over twenty-five years of experience in the HVAC industry, Shanahan’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. has done it all! From system repairs to new to high-efficiency HVAC system installation, there isn’t a problem we haven’t been able to solve. Our skilled technicians will handle your service needs for all makes and models, and yes, this includes licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs.

We have partnered with the industry's leading manufacturers to bring you top quality equipment at our flat rate price. We keep up with the latest industry trends so our customers can stay informed. In our area, which is no stranger to harsh winters and bitter temperatures, heat is an absolute must. There are many different tips and tricks for getting the most out of your home heating, but when it comes to the actual system itself, there are three main options that homeowners commonly find themselves choosing between: gas, oil, and electric heat. Heating Service Reston VA

With so many things to consider, it can be tricky to determine what your best option is, but understanding the pros and cons of each is a great starting point.

Gas Heating

  • Pros: Gas heat utilizes natural resources from underground to generate heat, providing homeowners with not only a powerful, reliable heat source, but also an added convenience factor resulting from not having to worry about running out or ordering more. Natural gas heating generally has relatively low operating costs, which pairs nicely with a life expectancy of around 15-20 years for furnaces and boilers, making gas a good long term option.
  • Cons: While the use of natural gas lines may make usage more convenient than some of the other options, the costs associated with the installation of the required piping infrastructure and ventilation often makes gas heating less of a budget-friendly option upfront. Gas heating systems will also require a good deal of regular maintenance to keep them working effectively and efficiently over time.

Oil Heating

  • Pros: Oil is slightly more effective at producing heat than gas, and it’s generally considered to be a safe heating option. Additionally, with proper maintenance, oil furnaces have a long life expectancy - up to 30 years. Heating costs tend to be lower with oil than other systems, making it fairly economical and efficient
  • Cons: The cost of oil fluctuates regularly depending on factors like the time of year and overall availability, and can often wind up costing you more to heat your home than the alternatives – although this is not always the case. Aside from the uncertainty surrounding costs, many people see oil heating as a more of a burden than its alternatives. Not only is there an increased need for regular furnace cleaning, but oil heat requires you to have a tank on your property, which will need to be monitored, leaving you with the responsibility of ordering oil deliveries in order to keep your heating system up and running.

Electric Heating

  • Pros: Electric heating systems are typically pretty quiet, easy to install and maintain, cost-effective upfront, environmentally friendly, and can last for years. Not to mention, they allow for greater control over temperatures on a room-to-room basis, helping to give you more control over your energy costs.
  • Cons: The biggest downside to electric heat is unfortunately the higher lifetime costs. Even with an efficient unit and seemingly more control over usage, higher electricity costs in general make electric heating systems more expensive to operate overall. Also, when outdoor temperatures are below freezing, an electric heating system may struggle to maintain a high indoor temperature.

If you’re looking for one of the best heating service providers in Reston VA, look no further than us! We have partnered with the industry's leading manufacturers to bring you top quality equipment at our flat rate price. The price we quote will be the price you pay, no surprises! So before your winter is spent shivering, give us a call so we can start delivering!

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