Air Conditioning Service & Installation in Burke VA

Since 1990, Shanahan’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. has been known for being an exceptional air conditioning service provider in Burke VA. Our skilled technicians will handle all your HVAC service and repair needs and even have maintenance options to help prevent for future problems. Plus, we will work with you to select the best system for your home so that it uses less energy, cuts down on your utility costs and you’ll live in comfort!

The Importance of AC Service

An early inspection and AC service helps you to identify any existing problems with your AC system and allows you ample time to have repairs performed well ahead of the summer season. Most homeowners understand the importance of routine maintenance; however, many often lose sight of seasonal timelines and overlook important maintenance schedules. Surely performing routine maintenance coupled with your pre-season inspection and checkup will ensure that your system is functioning at peak levels during the sweltering summer months.

Look for a company with highly skilled and trained HVAC technicians as well as top of the line products. When you reach out and schedule your pre-season appointment, you avoid the frustration and rush of trying to schedule maintenance and service calls in the midst of the summer weeks.

Regular routine maintenance, will enable your air conditioning system to operate effectively and efficiently throughout the summertime and will also help extend the lifespan of your system as well. Homeowners are able to save money when they perform routine AC service since they minimize the need for seasonal service calls when your system might otherwise be working poorly or not working at all.

What Does an AC Service Involve?

Dirty air conditioning components can cause a whole lot of problems. Unhealthy components minimize your system's cooling capacity and can also contribute to a shortened lifespan of your system. With this in mind, and recognizing the important role these factors play in your system performance, scheduling a pre-season checkup and inspection and any needed air conditioning services is highly beneficial to your system's performance.

A HVAC professional begins a system checkup with an inspection of the mechanical components, the system wiring and connections to confirm there are no signs of excessive wear or corrosion. The technician will also check your system vents, registers and filters for dirt accumulation, damage of any type, or other issues that can interfere with airflow. The next important maintenance step is that of cleaning the condenser and the system coils. The technician will identify any problems, suggest needed repairs and offer an estimate of costs for those repairs. Finally, once the checkup and inspection is completed, and all findings have been addressed, the technician will discuss routine maintenance schedules that will help to ensure continued performance of your air conditioning system at peak levels throughout the summer days.

As members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), we’re able to keep up with industry best practices. It also allows us to continue to bring top quality HVAC equipment to each project. Not sure exactly what you want or what the costs may be? Have no fear – we provide free written estimates on system replacements and product installations and have specials and financing options.

I highly recommend this company. —Marianne C.