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At Shanahan’s Heating & Cooling, Inc., we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality work and personal air conditioning service in Alexandria VA. For over twenty-five years, we have not only provided great HVAC and indoor air quality services, but we also have maintenance services to help you maintain your equipment so that it lasts longer and saves you money in the end! We offer the following services:

Air Conditioning Alexandria VA

Air Conditioning Installation

We know that it can get awfully uncomfortable during the summer without a proper cooling system. You need to make sure that your living space has a capable air conditioner to supply your entire family with enough cool air to get through the heat. At Shanahan's, we offer comprehensive air conditioning services throughout Alexandria VA, including the installation of new cooling systems, such as central air conditioners, heat pumps, thermostats and ductless systems. Our fast and reliable service are two main reasons why homeowners in Alexandria VA choose to work with us on their installation projects. 

5 Tips for Air Conditioning Installation in Your Alexandria VA Home

If you've just bought a new house or apartment in Alexandria VA, you must be excited about furnishing it and moving in. But before you do so, you'll have to install an air conditioning unit or an air conditioning system, depending on your needs. A good air conditioning contractor will be able to look at your new home and advise you about what air conditioning system will be best for it. They'll also be able to give you an estimate about how much everything will cost. And they will be able to find the best air conditioning system for your budget. Here are a few tips when you're installing air conditioning in your new home:

1. Consider Your Needs: Is it necessary for you to have air conditioning in every room of your house? In that case, you might want to get central air conditioning. But if you only need air conditioning in one or two rooms, then you can go with window ACs in those rooms.

2. Consider Your Health: Air conditioning is not just needed in order to feel more comfortable. On days which are very hot and there's a heat warning in effect, it's safer to be in an air conditioned home. So it depends on where you live, how much time you spend at home and the levels of heat which your body can take.

3. Consider Your Home: Are you moving into a newly constructed home or one that was constructed many years ago? Different houses are constructed differently and your air conditioning contractor should be able to tell you which air conditioning system is best for your type of home.

4. Consider Your Usage: Will you be using your air conditioning constantly? This might be the case if you work from home or spend a lot of time at home. For other people, they might only use air conditioning in the evenings and the night when they come home from work. Different air conditioning systems are right for people with different needs.

5. Consider Your Energy Bill: No matter what type of usage you have, it helps to have a lower energy bill. Certain air conditioning units might cost more at first but will save you money in the long run because they use less electricity. It might be in your best interests to go with a unit like this.

Air Conditioning Service Alexandria VA

AC repairs are likely the last thing you'd want to have on your mind come summertime. The experts at Shanahan's Heating & Cooling is committed to performing expert quality AC service and repair throughout Alexandria VA to ensure that your system is in optimal condition when the warm weather hits. 

We have partnered with the industry's leading manufacturers to bring you top quality equipment. Plus, we are members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) to keep up with industry best practices. Worried about costs? Don’t worry – we offer flat rate pricing and charge by the job, not by the hour. The price we quote before we start the work will be the price you pay!

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